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Cat me! - Impressions and Expressions of Ijon
February 14th, 2004
03:09 am


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Cat me!
After studying on my own for the Greek History exam, I called up a fellow student and suggested that we review the material together. She invited me to her place. As soon as I entered her room, I was smitten! It was love at first sight.

Three cats roam the place, and two of them immediately took to me. I sat down and pulled out an article to discuss with her, and the two cats jumped up to my lap, nestled comfortably, and began to purr. I was filled with a warm, fuzzy feeling. The girl was quite surprised at this. Three hours and quite a lot of Greek history later, the cats never leaving my lap, I said goodbye.

Ever since, I've been pining for that room, and those cats. I must find a pretext to visit the girl!

...or give up all excuses and get a Flat Cat!

Current Mood: yearning for a cat!
Current Music: Alon Olearchik - Ze Rak Biglal She'at Kan

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Date:February 14th, 2004 01:24 am (UTC)
Haha... Tell her that you want to play with her pussy. She'll get all hot and bothered, and eventually woefully disappointed. But it'll give you feline opportunities.
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Date:February 14th, 2004 04:06 am (UTC)
I want one, too!

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Date:February 14th, 2004 10:07 am (UTC)
It's the year of the cat...
Get one already. :)
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Date:February 14th, 2004 12:05 pm (UTC)

Re:It was love at first sight

Take a cat already,I was in this place a while ago and sat in a room full of cats that sat on me,climbed on me,looked at me...it was heaven.
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Date:February 15th, 2004 07:58 pm (UTC)


זה נשמע ממש ממש כחוויה מדהימה!!!
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Date:February 16th, 2004 07:53 pm (UTC)

Re: פרררררר...

זה באמת היה מפתיע ומרנין ביותר. חבל שלא לוקחים חתולים לבתים של אחרים, כמו שמביאים ילדים קטנים לשחק עם ילדים אחרים...

אז איך זה שאין לכם חתול עכשיו, בעצם?
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