Asaf Bartov (ijon) wrote,
Asaf Bartov

Jail update and contact details

Danger: Carrying canons may damage your back

Yesterday at 9:30AM, Ijon the Moose reported to his unit, carrying a sizable part of the western canon and a few pairs of socks, and was later escorted to Military prison no. 4, to serve his sentence. There is a possibility he will be transferred to prison no. 6, but until then he can be reached using the following methods -

Phone - The phone numbers of the company are (+972)-8-9233600 and (+972)-8-9236609. You can simply call and ask for Asaf Bartov at any time of the day except from 8:00 to 9:00 and from 11:30-13:00, Israeli time, because then he's usually out for meals.

Email - You can contact him by sending an email to and stating at the top that it should be forwarded to Asaf Bartov. The emails are printed weekly and delivered to the prisons. Note, however, that this service is provided by a voluntary organization with limited resources and is handled by many people along the way, so please refrain from sending overly long or personal letters.

Smail - You can send regular letters to him through the army postal service. This method is unrecommended, however, since the letters are usually delayed or lost by the censors and the chances they'll reach their destination by the time he gets out are slim. If anyone is interested in this method I can find out the exact address.

LJ Comments - You can submit comments below. I will wait a few days, until the thread dies out, and then print it out and have it sent to him.

ijon's mood as of this morning seems to be fine, although he says he had trouble concentrating on his Greek translations. Will this be Ulysses's great day?


Update: Postal address -

Asaf Bartov
Military Prison no. 4
Confinement Facility no. 394
Army Postal Code 02507
IDF, Israel
אסף ברטוב
כלא 4
בסיס כליאה 394
ד"צ 02507
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