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The Flat, Mark II

While I was away, my faithful flatmate arnulf conspired with cinamon, lilacsinmarch, assaf, mux2000, and antinous to re-design The Flat. Walls were painted, sofa cushions were covered, curtains were purchased, new shelves were affixed to the walls, moose were redistributed, bookshelves were moved and reordered, the kitty litter box was relocated, the kitchen was reconfigured, the temple was replaced, and many other things underwent actions that would be described by verbs beginning with 're'. My own room, which I left in a preposterous mess, was completely tidied up, too, and brought to a degree it had never known before. Hell, my shirts in the closet are actually ordered according to a color gradient!

The result is fabulous. The place is a whole lot nicer now, and I have a hard time thinking of words to express my elation and gratefulness for all their efforts.

I am very, very lucky to have these people in my life.

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