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The Apologia Revisited

Another good thing happened today, in my Greek Language class: during my absence, the class has finished the grammar book we were working through for the past three semesters (by Prof. R. Meridor), and moved to texts. Our first text is Plato's Apologia Sokratous, and this gives me much joy.

I first encountered the Apologia when I was fourteen: I had applied to the SEE IASA high-school in Jerusalem, and after passing standardized aptitude tests, was asked to attend a workshop at IASA during the Passover holiday. The letter asked that I read Plato's Apologia and be ready to discuss it during the workshop. I went to the library, got a copy of the text (in Hebrew, of course), and was completely enchanted by it. This was how I discovered Plato, and my very first foray into philosophy and the classics (not counting my very early introduction to the Greek myths and Homer's epics). Following that workshop, I've read more Plato, and some Aeschylus and Aristotle, and was much changed (more on that some other time).

Today I've read (and translated) a page and a half of the Apologia in the original Greek. Bliss!

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