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Game again

Surprisingly, I've found an ember of my role-playing spirit still smouldering, and so I decided to run a game in the upcoming "הגידו כן לזקן" gaming convention, assuming it's not too late to join the bandwagon. However, this is deep in the exam period, so I won't have time to prepare a new game, which means it's Retro Season yet again. The question is, which of my better games should I re-run?

If you've played any of them, or are interested in doing so, I'd like to hear your advice or preference. I'm considering one of the following games:
  1. Pain et Vin (לחם ויין), a murder mystery, previously run at BIGOR 1, and at the Amuta Newbie event in Kfar-Saba.
  2. Words Upon The Rock (מלים כתובות בסלע), an unexpected encounter with the past, previously run at BIGOR 2, BIGOR 3, and ICON 2002.
  3. Heart of Darkness (לב המאפליה), covert action in Nazi Germany, previously run at IGOR VIII.
What say you?

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