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arnulf and lilacsinmarch found a tiny kitten stuck in a Bavli sewage something (I didn't quite get what sort of place it was; the protagonists are more than welcome to shed light on the story). arnulf bravely plunged in and rescued the poor thing, which was yelping its little heart out.

They brought it home; it looks like it was born five hours ago or something. Tiiiiny.

lilacsinmarch got all motherly and it suckled on her arms.

It's quite the handheld device, really.

It needed to eat. We weren't sure how to feed it.

Eventually, we went out and bought a syringe to administer milk to the little thing.

Meet Dr. arnulf, the resident psychotic doctor.

The good doctor in action.

The operation met with only partial success,

but eventually it did consume a bit of milk.

lilacsinmarch received quite a lot of affection, and confessed that it was quite pleasant. In fact...

some would go so far as to say that jouissance is the appropriate word to describe what lilacsinmarch was undergoing.

We shall keep it here for a couple of days, and give it away to the Cat Welfare Society people
come Friday, when we take Zeresh to the vet there to remove some of her teeth.

In the meantime, we keep it in a cage when we're not holding it,
because Zeresh feels threatened by it and imitates a cobra when it's around.

We kept reprimanding her.

Eventually, Zeresh took to sulking.

We figure she kept waiting for the pesky humans to go away so she can have a word with the young upstart.

The little thing was dubbed Cecily.
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