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Refusenik Supporter List

In my desperate efforts not to study for my next exam (Minoan archaeology), I idly reviewed the supporter list of the Israeli IDF refuseniks (i.e. people who support the sort of refusal I have refused), and was amazed to see how many people of my acquaintance, far and near in place in time, are there.

An old math teacher (from IASA), two fellow students (from IASA), a couple of old schoolmates from my home town, a couple of professors, a friend's mother, a librarian who's donated a book to the Ben-Yehuda Project, a couple of Ben-Yehuda volunteers, a couple of colleagues at work, a couple of webmasters of sites I know or frequent, a couple of fellow students at TAU, a couple of literary translators, a professor at the TAU Classics dept., and a Perl hacker.

And many many celebrities of various denominations, whom I don't know, but know of, including an MK's daughter, two well-known illustrators, a veteran satirist, etc.

Yes, a small world, a smaller country, but it's interesting nonetheless, to get this very definite indication about the opinions of people with whom you've had no contact since childhood (in some cases) or with whom you're working for five years but never discussed such matters.

Enough. Minoan pottery awaits.

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