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TAU Life: Third Year Academic Schedule

The course listings for next year are finally available, and I've composed a tentative schedule already. Here it is, in case some of you are interested:

First Semester

- Intermediate Latin (Dr. Hoffer)
- Thucydides [in Greek] (Dr. Zelnik)

General Theory of Literature:
- Jane Austen's Art of the Novel (Mr. Segal)
- Henry James's Short Stories (Dr. Yacobi)
- T.S. Eliot (Dr. Renan)
- 20th Century Russian Satire (Ms. Chudnovski)

Bonus: I might sit in on Prof. Barkay's Intro to Christianity from Jesus to Jean D'Arc. This past year I took Prof. Katz's Intro to Chr. 1324-2004, so this course would complement that one.

Second Semester

- Advanced Latin (Dr. Hoffer)
- Feast and Symposium Poetry [in Greek] (Prof. Zagagi)
- Livy [in Latin] (Prof. Price)

General Theory of Literature:
- Reading Poetry Aloud (Dr. Ratok)
- Alice in Wonderland: Logic, Language, and Fiction (Prof. Sternberg)
- Eros and Politics in Greek Literature (Dr. Shabtai)
- Translation Workshop (Dr. Hacohen)

Bonus: I hope to sit in on a tutorial on Medieval Society with Prof. Elgazi, and on Dr. Neumann's Intro to Nazism (his title).

Also, sometime along the year, I shall be taking my Greek Colloquium [gulp], i.e. final verbal exam.
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