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The News in Brief

  • Today's monthly Project Ben-Yehuda update is the largest one to date, if memory serves. Again and again I am amazed by the power of Internet-based collaboration.

  • The colloquium exam I am to take sometime this year to complete my Classics B.A. is huge and damn scary. 100 pages of Greek prose, and 2000 lines of Greek verse, with which I must be perfectly familiar (i.e. able to "sight-translate" random bits without a dictionary, and explain grammatical and syntactical phenomena), plus an "unseen" Greek text of some sort. Ghastly. This exam I am supposed to prepare for, as Tom Lehrer put it, "in my copious free time". No idea how I'm going to manage it. (But I am!)

  • I've been offered a TA position at the TAU Classics dept. next year.

  • Really enjoying my courses this semester (except Latin).
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