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My Greek Colloquium Material

Some time this year, I am to take a "Greek Colloquium" exam, required to get my B.A. in Classics. It's got an oral part wherein I am to display perfect familiarity with an alarmingly large amount of Greek text -- a hundred pages of Greek prose1 and two thousand lines of Greek verse -- and a written part wherein I am to translate an "unseen" Greek passage by a Greek author I've never studied so far.

Here are the contents I've chosen for the oral part, with Prof. Finkelberg, my advisor for this exam:

Hesiod, Theogonia [complete] 2
Euripides, Alcestis [complete]

Plato, Crito [complete]
Plato, Phaedo [major portions]
Herodotus, Histories [book VII]

1 pages are counted according to the Oxford Classical Texts editions.
2 "what, no Homer?" I hear you ask. Well, you must have guessed Homer would be my natural first choice, but since I've translated an entire book of Homer last year, and have never read any Hesiod in Greek, I decided to widen my familiarity in epic Greek, and go for Hesiod in this exam. I have the rest of my life to read Homer in Greek.

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