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IDF Update

Shortly after my imprisonment for refusing1 IDF reserve duty in the occupied territories, I filed a request to be transferred from my unit to some other unit, any other unit, that would not be asked to serve in the OT, so that I'd be able to do my duty, within the borders of Israel.

I have just been informed that my request is denied. My contact officer assured me that our unit is not regularly assigned to OT missions, and that last year was an emergency assignment "due to the whole situation", and that usually this unit's reserve duties do not involve entering the OT. I made it very clear that I shall refuse to serve in the OT in the future as well, should such orders be given, and that there is no room for negotiation. The officer mentioned that she is fairly confident that the committee reviewing my request denied it precisely because I was "being inflexible", as a sort of retaliation (she used the Hebrew word 'davka'). I declined to comment.

There it is.

1 Original Hebrew version of the statement I read at my trial is here.
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