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TAU Status: one down, nine to go; Media update

Spring break is over. I have five papers to submit by early March, and three papers still not submitted from last year. Of those, I've submitted precisely zero so far. Took the Thucydides exam, though, and did not bad. Latin exam still to go.

No time to breathe. No time to relate many interesting things. Later.

Oh, and a very brief media update:
  • as of Friday, I'm officially a TV superstar. The Yoman item was finally aired. It wasn't really about BY at all, but any publicity is good publicity for the project, I suppose.

  • Two days from now (Tuedsay, Feb 22nd), I will be keynoting a Bialik evening at the Nahum Gutman Museum in Neve Tsedek, Tel-Aviv, 20:00pm. I will be giving a reworked version of my lecture from the Bialik Now evening. Regrettably, admission is not free, but costs 45NIS.
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