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Latin Study Group: The Day

Alright, we seem to have a sizeable group assembled already. Let's move on:

1. The Place: as I said in my original invitation, my place at Bavli is the default meeting place, but it's a little small for our group (I realize a few may drop out early on, but right now we're about a dozen people). Does any of the participants have better facilities for a dozen people? If so, speak up.

2. The Day of the Week: According to the poll, these are the best alternatives. I therefore ask all of you to vote again, in this new and narrower poll, so we can finalize the day.

Remember: Check all times that work for you, not just your preference. Inevitably, some won't be able to make it on the time we finally choose; to maximize the number of people who can make it, let's all be as flexible as we can. Thank you. I'll announce the final day on Sunday, when everyone has had time to fill the poll. We can begin immediately afterwards; I'll be making a group purchase for the interested parties before the first session (details to follow).
Poll #447076 Latin Study Group Day (shortlisters)

Which *DAYS* of the week can you make it?

Wednesday, 19:00
Thursday, 19:00
Friday, 13:00
Friday, 19:30
Saturday, 19:00
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