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KinnerNet: Sleepless on the Lake

Couldn't sleep. I lay awake several hours, then read a bit, then lay awake some more. Finally gave up. Perhaps the free espressos are to blame. Took a shower and marched out to the A.D. Gordon club (all buildings here have really Zionist names).

I must correct my previous entry: that cycling monstrosity is *not* a five-man tricycle. It is in fact an octagonal, eight-man tricycle. That's eight seats, eight sets of pedals and chains, all powering a single, huge, octagonal tricycle. It has to be seen to be appreciated. I have no camera, but I'll get the Insane Count Tromer to snap a picture for me and would post it later.

We're accomodated in rooms for two, and I've been randomly paired with non-other than Gadi Shimshon, UltiNet legend and self-proclaimed DOOM master of yore. Much gossreminiscing took place.

The participants get to both generate and consume the content, so we all offer talks and workshops and sign up for each other's talks. I decided to spare the participants a crash course in classical Greek, but I shall try to moderate a discussion on what technological solutions can be offered to the problem of educational stimulation and nurturing of bright kids in the 21st century.

Reading Through the Looking Glass for Sternberg's seminar, I'm also inspired to do something uffishly silly with Jabberwocky. Perhaps I'll solicit an impromptu group translation of Jabberwocky into Hebrew, or suggest to read it as source code of a to-be-specified programming language (extra credit to the first camper to code a compiler for it), or set up an obfuscated programming challenge (craziest source code that outputs or looks like Jabberwocky). We'll see.

For now, I'll go on hacking BYBE, since I have the camp Internet link all to myself for a little while longer...

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