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The Cat Crisis Comes to a Close

Zeresh and Cecily have a new home. It is my parents' home in Ra'anana. Mom saved the day, yet again.

gaal and I moved them today; they're fine, and are now in a room of their own, with food, water, and a kitty litter box, to adjust to their new surroundings. They won't be disturbed (other than changing water etc.), and in 48 hours or so, we shall open a window so they can get out of the house to get to know their surroundings (it's a big and interesting yard; low risk of their venturing out to the street), while still getting their food inside the house. Then, some 48 hours after that, their food would wait just outside the door of their adjustment room, so the change should be easy. They are to live in the yard, not in the house, generally.

It's a huge relief that they're together, and were moved together. At least they have each other through the trauma. Tomorrow I shall visit them and see how they're doing.

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