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Keinan's Library

Context: I've recently finished reading a very interesting book by Amos Keinan, called Rose of Jericho. I will be writing about it soon. Earlier today, I had read alyna's entry bemoaning the loss of a lot of personal correspondence.
In one of life's meaningless synchronicities, I have just read that there had been a fire in Amos Keinan's Tel Aviv apartment last Saturday, and that it was completely destroyed. Septuagenarian Keinan only suffered light smoke-inhalation damage, but said that he is crushed by the loss of his library, his papers and books, and even a manuscript for a new book which stored on a computer disk that burnt along with the rest of the place. Some of the books and personal items are irreplaceable, but Keinan stated that he intends to start over and reconstruct his manuscript.

A final tidbit: before reading about Keinan's misfortune, I responded to alyna's entry with the famous quote from Bulgakov's Master and Margarita, "Manuscripts don't burn"...

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