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On Death and Moose - Impressions and Expressions of Ijon
March 3rd, 2002
04:30 pm


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On Death and Moose

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Date:March 5th, 2002 07:30 pm (UTC)

For Somebody to read, with care.

Somebody, it seems, is not a careful enough reader, so I must be a more careful writer.

My previous comment was clearly enough addressed to Ijon. I wrote a statement about myself, as he had about himself, two Israelis of Jewish origin/education confronting the current events in Israel. As so many of us are: reacting, questioning, thinking and feeling. Wondering aloud, discussing among ourselves; trying right now to make sense of the senseless, weighing alternatives for praxis.

I am saying nothing _to anybody_ other than my fellow Jews in Israel. I say: we, here and now, must confront ourselves and take responsibility for our actions. This responsibility of ours is twofold: not to be victims and not to be oppressors. These are urgent, vital matters with which we are dealing – despite our incompetence and repeated failures, we need desperately to find and implement solutions, to choose life and make peace.

Somebody in the USA may well share these and/or other issues and concerns -- I do understand and appreciate that. And I myself know very well about other concerns, some of which being even now my own daily or occasional dealings, and I dearly look forward to get back to them full-time once the crisis has passed.

However, this is a crisis, and it's hard (and wrong!) to ignore. This is the position from which I'm thinking and writing; I'm so sorry Somebody somehow missed understanding this, because we evidently do agree. I am only too pleased to know that Somebody or anybody-at-all shares my beliefs and backs this with (positive, non-violent) action. Would that everybody did! But that is for each to decide; I can only decide for myself and only discuss this in kind with those who share my choices and my fate.

Ijon and anyone who knows me, knows I believe in the rights and aspirations of Jews and Arabs alike, and that I am looking mightily for ways I can make this belief a reality. Living and working in the Western Galilee is part of the ways and means, as is communication: talking with my neighbors and writing on public e-forums.

However, I do have a certain right to diss the USA (which is surely too big to be somehow belittled?). Simply put, the USA is indeed my homeland, as Israel (for all the rhetoric) is really not. I was born in the USA, as were my parents and both grandmothers. I was raised there, educated (16+ years) in its public schools, lived there till age 30. Long enough to know it and yes, to personally reject it. What I wrote about it is obviously not all there is to the USA, but it _is_ true to some extent – and led me to choose to live elsewhere/differently, and to raise my own children elsewhere/differently.

The comment I wrote came out in the form of a manifesto, written -- as it turned out -- during an all-night vigil of my own, wrestling with my own spirit/soul and preparing a statement. I’ve found that my choice of living in Israel rather than the USA is based on my belief (evidently one of the few I truly hold) than being a Jew means not living in any paradise on earth. In this life I'm destined to be a human among humans, in this place, at this time. I consider this a personal matter (and a commitment), but one I’ve chosen to voice and share, here, now. Because I think it just might help achieve the ultimate goal, of peace. And that can't come any too soon.
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Date:March 10th, 2002 07:08 am (UTC)

Re: For Somebody to read, with care.

Hello Deborah. Right off the bat - you write beautifully. I wish I could express myself in such prose.

And yes, this is cushioning for what I'm asking now -
what are you trying to say?

I live in Israel. I'm a Jew. I even have some thoughts on almost every issue you mentioned. But I just couldn't understand - is all that you wrote only a means of saying that you choose to stay in Israel and that you're proud of it? Or that killing is bad?

I don't mean to sound agressive, and certainly don't aim to insult. Perhaps I'm just a bad reader - but what is (are) your point(s)?
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Date:March 16th, 2002 01:22 pm (UTC)

Re: For Somebody to read, with care.

Adam, my comments were oriented entirely toward the texts of the preceeding comments by Ijon and Dena. I'd hope that referring back to them, you'll see the source of the points I tried to make. Rather than reiterate myself here, I'll wait to hear from you again, perhaps with more specific questions/comments of your own for me.

I was cheered to read that you consider I express myself in beautiful prose, but my writing's not worth all that much after all, if not understood... I _would_ like you to know what I'm trying to say (as you put it).

What I did say, certainly: the matter of "choosing" was contrasted with Ijon and Dena who did not initially choose to live in Israel, having arrived as children at their parents' behest.

The choice I myself initially made was to affiliate and identify with the Jewish people; living in Israel followed in due course (as the only place I felt I could do so meaningfully as I'm not religiously-observant). "Pride" is not a concept to which I relate; more like "obligation." I'd like to say "integrity" but that's a problematic term (though not one I've abandoned).

Killing is bad, wrong, vile, terrible and many other negative qualities. I would dispense with it and all violence, but we know that can't be unilateral. Very problematic and dangerous stuff.

I've had to take time out these past few days because the situation on the ground here, in my own beloved Western Galilee, has taken a dreadful turn. I have to do more thinking, reading and talking things over, before writing more/again.
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