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Impressions and Expressions of Ijon
March 3rd, 2002
04:30 pm


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On Death and Moose

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Date:March 16th, 2002 01:22 pm (UTC)

Re: For Somebody to read, with care.

Adam, my comments were oriented entirely toward the texts of the preceeding comments by Ijon and Dena. I'd hope that referring back to them, you'll see the source of the points I tried to make. Rather than reiterate myself here, I'll wait to hear from you again, perhaps with more specific questions/comments of your own for me.

I was cheered to read that you consider I express myself in beautiful prose, but my writing's not worth all that much after all, if not understood... I _would_ like you to know what I'm trying to say (as you put it).

What I did say, certainly: the matter of "choosing" was contrasted with Ijon and Dena who did not initially choose to live in Israel, having arrived as children at their parents' behest.

The choice I myself initially made was to affiliate and identify with the Jewish people; living in Israel followed in due course (as the only place I felt I could do so meaningfully as I'm not religiously-observant). "Pride" is not a concept to which I relate; more like "obligation." I'd like to say "integrity" but that's a problematic term (though not one I've abandoned).

Killing is bad, wrong, vile, terrible and many other negative qualities. I would dispense with it and all violence, but we know that can't be unilateral. Very problematic and dangerous stuff.

I've had to take time out these past few days because the situation on the ground here, in my own beloved Western Galilee, has taken a dreadful turn. I have to do more thinking, reading and talking things over, before writing more/again.
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