Asaf Bartov (ijon) wrote,
Asaf Bartov

Smilansky is Dead, Alas

One of my favorite authors, Yizhar Smilansky, better known by his nom de plume S. Yizhar, died yesterday morning, aged 89.

I am saddened and seized by desire to dive into his writings (most of which I am yet to read!). I don't know how much of him has been translated to English, but if you read Hebrew and don't know Yizhar, now is as good a time as any to get to know him. I highly recommend beginning with the book חרבת חיזעה וסיפורים אחרים, which contains four short works of his, including the (in)famous story that gives the volume its name.

If you're too lazy to go to a bookstore and don't yet own it, ynet brings the first five paragraphs of that story (Hebrew), just to whet your appetite. Read it slowly, take each sentence in. Especially the fourth paragraph; I urge you to read it complete at least twice, for great rewards.

We are left with his words.
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