September 24th, 2001

Another conquest!

Aha! After recently recruiting the incomparable hattie to the LiveJournal hordes, I am rewarded with Hattie recruiting the wondrous Countess Belvane! (belvane)

Best of luck to Belvane, and lots of water-cress sandwiches!
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Triangle and Robert

For almost two years now, I've been enjoying the minimalistic comic strip called Triangle and Robert. It's made by this guy (Patrick Shaughnessy) who received this cheesy drawing program with his scanner, and decided to put it and his lack of artistic skill to work at a comic strip. The strip features two principal characters: a rhombus and a triangle. Robert's the rhombus. Shaughnessy claims people actually ask who's who.

Anyhow, the strips are brief, three-panel pieces, and if you're attuned to this particular brand of humor, are often hilarious. The level isn't quite consistent, but overall it's my favorite comic strip after the incomparable Calvin and Hobbes. Bloom County's also a favorite, but I digress. I urge you all to give T&R a shot, at the link I provide below. One word of caution, though: the humor gets increasingly dependent on knowing the previous strips, so you really should begin with the very first strips (see the Archive links) and work your way from there (or give up). The strip gets much better after the first twenty strips or so.

Here's a sequence of three strips not too dependent on past strips, to give you a taste:

The official Triangle and Robert site.

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