February 17th, 2002

Slow in turning the page

I only recognized the phrase "be on the same page" as such about four months ago. Just how slow am I? How long has it been around, do you think?

(e.g. "So it's $50/hour, right? Okay, just making sure we're on the same page here.")
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BIGOR 2002!

The time for excuses has run out! If you are in Israel this March, you have no excuse not to attend BIGOR 2002, a three-day role-playing mega-convention, the largest and most varied role-playing con ever to take place in Israel. It is organized by the Israeli Role-Playing Society, and I will be running a game on several of its rounds.

The con is a particularly good opportunity for non-players to get to know all about role-playing, and almost none of the games and activities there require any sort of previous experience or knowledge. Sign up today!

[Ijon calms down]

No, really, it will be truly cool!
avva, cinamon, hagit, veryty, gaal, jspoons, khatul -- I expect to see you there! :)

belvane, hattie, yggdrasil_, roly, lukkke, and passacaglio will be there...

The BIGOR 2002 Web site [Hebrew]
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