March 3rd, 2002

On Death and Moose

Ten Israelis (humans), three of them civilians, were killed this morning in the occupied territories by Palestinians (humans). Last night, a Palestinian suicide bombing in Jerusalem killed nine Israeli civilians (humans), including one whole family. An Israeli police officer (human) was killed near Bethlehem yesterday, too.

Twenty human lives were lost on the Israeli side in less than twenty-four hours. This is perhaps bloodier than other days, but differs only in quantity from other days.

I don't know the names of those people, nor will I know them, because they will be washed away by news of the deaths of people now living who will be dead by the end of the week.

With all my heart, I envy the people living in Maine, who are contending with difficulties such as this.

The point is not that I think they are carefree, happy people. I don't seriously suggest that the above is their biggest concern. But the fact it is an issue at all indicates what a solid basis of personal security and political stability they enjoy. And that, from my point of view, is enviable.
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