March 31st, 2002

At long last, Yossi

After months of subtle and not-so-subtle prodding on my part, my indefatigable friend Yossi has finally succumbed to LiveJournal. I give you ygurvitz. He's guaranteed to make you think, for better or for worse.
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New measures

I have just been told by ygurvitz that one of our favorite Italian restaurants has adopted a new defensive measure: its door is actually shut and locked. You have to knock, wait for someone from the staff to open it a crack, then you present your ID, and are allowed inside.

That's how bad things are.
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Today is the last day to submit my application to TAU and HUJI. Due to the ridiculous mess in my room and the host of events and mishaps this past week featured -- from three-day conventions, through family gatherings, to contracting the plague -- I will not be submitting my application, because I can't find my SAT results document.

Sad, but true.

So I'll apply later, and pay an extra $10 or something. But I suck, I really do.
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