February 28th, 2003

What a day!

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I don't care much for birthdays. In particular, I don't like the custom of giving presents to people on their birthday. I do like giving presents! I think presents are great; I just don't like the necessity, created by custom, of finding something nice to give a person on a particular day. I like giving presents on unbirthdays -- the surprise of an unexpected gift on an unbirthday is so much more heartwarming. Accordingly, I never make anything of my own birthday, and often don't make much of other people's birthdays. I try to call and say "happy birthday", or give a birthday hug, but I often don't give presents on a person's birthday, instead giving presents to my friends whenever I find something that I think they'd really like.

Earlier this week, ygurvitz announced that the Angolo School, i.e. Sonis the Incomparable (antinous), Itamar the Proletarian (ravell), Yossi the Sagacious (ygurvitz), and la belle dame sans merci, batilda, invites me to join them on Thursday, to watch the musical Chicago. I graciously accepted. Only on Wednesday did I realize that Thursday would be my birthday. "Hmm", I thought, "that sounds suspiciously like a birthday moosing." A brief conversation with ygurvitz verified my suspicion, but also made it clear to me that recalcitrance is nugatory (hey, goliard!).
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