April 12th, 2003

Dark secrets

Some time ago, I wrote:
"Who was Martin Luther's main assistant/pupil, and how do we tie him with alchemy?" For fun, I'll leave that unanswered and see if any of you can come up with something. I'm offering a round of your choice of drink for a convincing answer. (we're talking conspiracy theory logic here; it doesn't have to be completely reasonable, just plausible and interesting enough.)

None of you offered an answer, so I'll reveal mine: Martin Luther's aide was Philip Melanchthon; Melanchthon is composed of two Greek words, meaning "black earth". Alchemy, like Algebra, is an Arabic word, and "al-chemeya" means "the Chemic", Chemi being the ancient name of Egypt. It is commonly asserted that Egypt was called Chemi because of its riverside earth, as Chemi means, you guessed it, "black earth". There you have it: high weirdness for the masses, just waiting to be woven into a role-playing game.
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