June 9th, 2003

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There is this small (3-page) paper I was supposed to submit (via e-mail) to a TA by midnight (the Sunday-Monday midnight). I've submitted it a few minutes ago, i.e. an hour late. The topic was completely open, but the structure was very rigid, even artificial (i.e. one definition, half a page; one source summary, half a page; one argument, one page, etc.), and I chose to write about a book I was reading anyhow for another course (Doctorow’s Ragtime, for my course on von Kleist). Unfortunately, I only found the time to actually start writing the silly thing at around 21:30 tonight. I had a pre-exam review lesson in Greek at TAU today, and thence I went to work, where I had to handle some issues waiting for me since last Tuesday. I got to work at 14:00, and hoped to escape by 16:30, tops. I got away, barely, at 20:15. *sigh*.

Well, one paper down, two to go. The dreaded Greek exam, however, is four days away, and I can only start studying for it now. Tomorrow, that is... *yawn*

This is a[n especially] boring entry, yes. But remind me to tell y'all of my first hearing of Ragtime.
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