June 18th, 2003

What He Thought / Heather McHugh

So, Ms. McHugh kindly gave me permission to post my Hebrew translation of her poem "What He Thought", along with the original.

Here, then, is the original. My translation into Hebrew, a draft, follows. Your comments are most welcome.Collapse )
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On a whim, I took the Göthe Institut's computerized placement test. It has 28 "cloze" questions, and I could make out the gist of most of the sentences, but I've never learned any grammar whatever. I was curious what the Computer would think of my fake German. The Computer decreed that I answered 11 questions correctly, and that I should therefore book a course at the "Basic III" level. Funky.
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Want to hear something ridiculous?

I hereby vow that by June 16th, 2004, I will have read Ulysses by James Joyce.
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