June 24th, 2003

Other People's Bugs

In the past 24 hours, I've found some minor glitches in some CPAN Perl module and sent the author a couple of diffs, and, while trying to kick some ActiveX control (eww, I know; a first time for me, too) into behaving itself, discovered a serious security bug in the latest version of Internet Explorer 6.0. I must be in The Zone.

This must be my first post about software in... what?
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Ein Deutsches Requiem

Ooh! Ooh!

Brahms's German Requiem with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Stanley Sperber, Michal Shamir singing soprano, Johannes Mannov singing baritone. Sunday, July 6th, at the Tel-Aviv Performing Arts Center.

I'm so there. Who's coming with? Quick, I want to grab tickets!
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Plans for the Summer: Part One

Three short papers and that one missed exam are the extent of academic duties I have left for this year. This leaves me with quite a lot of time during the summer. Part of that time would be spent working. Here are some of things I seriously want to do with the rest:
  • Develop a content- and task-management system for Project Ben-Yehuda (aka BYBE). gaal, arnulf, and nimster_lj have all volunteered to help with this. Together, we should be able to pull something together by September, I think.
  • Reach an "empty queue" status in my editorial and managerial roles in the BY project. This means lots of correspondence, lots of editing and publishing work, some PR and contact with external organizations, etc. It also presents the dilemma of balancing this "actual" work with the "meta-work" of BYBE, which work in turn should save/shorten a lot of that actual work once completed...
  • Reading: the Bible (cover-to-cover); four novels for a course I'm taking next year; Plutarch's Lives; Thucydides; plus whatever else fits (e.g. Ulysses), and I hope a lot would.
  • Social: keeping up our Bible reading group; keeping up our "Prosody" (heh) seminar; reviving the Homer reading group; prodding gaal about that Drama reading group; road trips
  • Driving down to the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat (late August) -- with my regular jazz accomplice hattie and hopefully others.
  • Taking an intensive German course in the Goethe Institute.
  • Putting in some time into learning to play the piano, at long last.
  • Taking care of myself.
  • Occasional Greek practice, so as not to realize in October that I lost all of it.
That's a list off the top of my head at the moment. There are doubtless other things I've delegated to summer throughout the past year. Realistically, I shall probably fail to achieve at least a few of these goals. But hey, I'm going to give it a hell of a try.
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