July 13th, 2003

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Bought a squash racquet today, as my old one has been broken for over a year, and I was fed up with my dad's worn racquet. It cost exactly $100. It's a good investment; the racquet will enable hours and hours of exercise and exhilarating fun. In fact, I used it in the double court (90 minutes) I played with gaal today, and it delivered.

Ach, I love this game.

P.S. during the game, entirely by accident, gaal struck the ball sideways and it hit me squarely on the nose. A squash ball, properly struck, travels with great speed and force; it is small and rubbery, so it won't inflict serious damage (unless you get hit in the eye, or, um, well...), but it does hurt. More than pain, though, when one is surprised by a high-velocity rubber projectile to the nose, one feels reeling shock. It takes a moment to regain balance and go on. It stopped hurting fairly quickly, and we only paused the game for a brief moment. My nose doesn't hurt at all, but it's still very tender to the touch. It's a (small) risk of the game.
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