August 1st, 2003

Flat (hello, ukelele!) update

current target: Bavli, Tel Aviv.
potential flats found so far: 5.
flat characteristics: air-conditioned, dedicated parking space. One flat mate.
next move: calling up people tomorrow morning. (precondition: waking up early)

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(no subject)

The first update of Project Ben-Yehuda for August includes the complete text of Mas'ot Binyamin Hashelishi (Voyages of Benjamin the Third), by Mendele Mocher-Sfraim (S.Y. Abramovitz). It is a hilarious little novel that presents Binyamin, a Jewish Don Quixote of sorts, complete with a simple sidekick, going on a wacky journey from Batalon ("Idleville", I might translate), a fictional east-European Jewish town, to the land of Israel.

If you can read Hebrew, give it a shot. It's excellent.
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