September 3rd, 2003

Some News

Too many moose, too little time. Here, then, are a few brief news items:
  • This coming Sunday, I shall begin an intensive German course at the local Göthe-Institut, until September 25th. I'm really excited about it. A side-effect is that my afternoons will become completely booked until 21:00, every weekday. Also, those of you who have expressed interest (ravell? ygurvitz? lukkke?), registration for this course closes tomorrow. Get your act together and register! Feel free to call me for details, or look here.
  • The wondrous cinamon and I had serendipitous lunch today, after which she finally dragged me to the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque and made me get a subscription. I am henceforth looking for accomplices to join me for various films at the Cin. Apply here.
  • I have joined the Israeli chapter of the Internet Society. I intend to join its working group on Internet volunteerism.
  • Current Music
    Charles Mingus -- Celia