September 18th, 2003

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I happened to mention Forum 2 while talking to arnulf and he, curious elk that he is, asked how the Forum came to be. After negotiation, we decided I must begin by explaining what is FidoNet. Technical elk that he is, he wanted to understand how the whole thing worked, too. So I've just spent about half an hour explaining all about nodelists, tossers, FrontDoor, and EchoMail. Ach, sweet memories...
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arnulf and I are pleased to announce our flatwarming party! Due to some circumstances and other plans, we must postpone things a bit, so we get to be all considerate-like by letting you know so long in advance. All our friends (yes, including transatlantic friends!) are invited to celebrate with us, on Friday, October 3rd, starting 12:00pm. Wine, women, and song guaranteed. Also, moose. Also also, if you have a light chair you can lug with you, please bring it along for the party -- we don't have enough seating at the moment.

If you plan to come, please call arnulf or me for directions and parking advice. See you there!
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