October 12th, 2003

Introduction to Homer: Call for Participants

I have decided to host an "Introduction to Homer" seminar. Here are the details:


I would like to share the wonder of Homer's epics with some people who have not discovered them yet. I want to focus on getting to know the texts themselves, augmented by ancient and modern Homeric scholarship, and by cultural uses of the epics, e.g. in poetry and literature of the western world.

The seminar is comprised of:
  • A very brief introduction to ancient Greece -- necessary to understand Homer.
  • A brief introduction to Homer and to epic poetry
  • Reading Homer's epics (beginning with the Iliad) together, with background and extra context.


The Flat (my place).


I'll give the introductory lectures. The reading will be done from Tschernichowski's masterful Hebrew translation, which each participant must have. We shall read each song together, and discuss it. I'll provide explanations, annotations, and interesting cultural artifacts related to specific things in the epics.
Needless to say, the seminar is free. Refreshments will be provided, and the participants are welcome to help.


Once a week, evenings, starting late October or early November. Day of the week to be set by popular vote of participants. I expect participants to be serious about this and make the meetings.


You, perhaps. The seminar is intended for people who do not know Homer's epics. No prior knowledge is required. A few people have already expressed interest, and I'm aiming for a group no larger than 12 people.

Now what?

If you're interested, let me know. If you're not sure you'd like to commit, come to the introductory lectures and then make up your mind.
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