October 20th, 2003

Back to School, part 1

The Humanities faculty at TAU requires undergraduate students to take two "panoramic" courses, i.e. two two-hour courses in the faculty but outside their departments. Each department offers a course or two as "panoramic" each year, for other students to take. The selection is reasonable, but of course, you have to fit the course in your time-table. Last year, I couldn't work any of the interesting courses into my moose, so I took no panoramic courses. This year, I'm taking Dr. David Katz's "Introduction to the History of Christianity, 1350-2004" as one course. I can't fit any other interesting course to this year's moose, so I'll either postpone the second pan. course to my senior year, or play a Fiendish Trick:

I'm dying to take a Tutorial in Medieval Society and Culture course, a standard requirement in TAU's superb General History Dept., with either Prof. Gadi Elgazi or Dr. Aviad Kleinberg. The course is four hours, not two, and is not offered as a panoramic course. The Fiendish Trick is to try to get the Powers That Elk to let me take this course instead of two hours of another panoramic course. I made some calls today; further follow-up tomorrow.
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