November 18th, 2003

N.'s Legacy

About five years ago, I was about to finish my (mandatory) service in the Israeli Defense Force. My role at that time was chiefly to train soldiers freshly arrived at our base in the material we dealt with. Since I found the quality of the extant written material atrocious, and often factually wrong, I rewrote many papers and lesson plans.

During those final two months of my service, then, I was asked to train A., a younger soldier as my successor in this role. Since the base was terribly short of office space, and since we didn't actually need to be in the facility for the work we had before us, A. and I decided to work at our homes, alternating between my parents' place and her parents' place. At her place I was introduced to her mother, who worked night shifts and was home most days, as a matter of courtesy.

One day, A. retired to powder her nose, and I, prudent as ever, pulled out the book I had with me, just in case, and began to read. N., A.'s mother, entered the living room (where we were working) to read a newspaper. After sitting down, she noticed I was reading a book (I'm no longer sure what book it was; perhaps Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray), and said "Oh, how nice to see a young man reading, in this day and age..."

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Herod's Evil

Came down with a bad cold. Or the flu. Or Herod's Evil. Hemingway, it features a fever, a sore throat, and a runny nose. As usual, I contemplate my last will and testament etc. ygurvitz, you know the drill. The rest of you are welcome to cheer me up in witty and ingenious ways.

If I make it despite it all, I'll have a chance to thank you in person. If not, a fond adieu.

The music was not matched to the entry's content, I swear.

update: smashing earache, too. ygurvitz, be quick about that moosthead, damn you!
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