December 27th, 2003

To B.A. or not to B.A.?

I have been given the opportunity to adjust my study program to give me an M.A. in four years (i.e. two more), if I'm interested. I hereby declare the deliberation season opened, and you're welcome to offer arguments for and against taking the offer.

Good Questions:
  • Am I interested?
  • Which of my two majors (Greek Classics and Theory of Literature) am I going to choose for the M.A.?
  • Do I really want the pressure and stress of writing a thesis added to my immediate future?
  • What do I want to do when I grow up?
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A Modest Request

In the coming ten hours, I must:
  • prepare Greek homework
  • Prepare Latin homework + study for the quiz
  • Make progress with my notes for the Iliad, book five
  • Read at least two articles for Prof. Ben-Porat's seminar
I charge you, LJ friends, to demand of me by the end of the night which of these, if any, I have accomplished.


bottom line: Predictably, I've only managed two of the items. Suck suck suck. But I did get to meet some old friends I haven't seen in a while, like fishberg, ghostwheel, among other people I see more of, at spelljammer's birthday party. And had some fun conversations, too.
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