February 8th, 2004

Ελλας και Κρητη!

During the second semester (beginning Feb 28th), there's a long break around Passover. It's one break without exams and papers, and so I plan to visit Greece and Crete, with arnulf and possibly others. I'm so totally psyched about this!
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Exam Season

  1. Greek Language [Ms. Cohen]
  2. Greek History [Prof. Rubin]
  3. Latin Language [Dr. Hoffer]
  4. Theory of the Novel [Prof. Sternberg]
  5. Minoan Culture [Dr. Yasur-Landau]
Two down, three to go.
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Women of Trachis at TAU!

The Women of Trachis, a tragedy by Sophocles, is featured in the TAU studential theater (fourth year students this time) this week and the next. The TAU Romeo and Juliet was atrocious, yes, but Arcadia was superb, and I can't risk my reputation as a Greek Father by passing by a Sophocles production, can I?

So, tomorrow (Monday) or the day after that1, 20:30. Tickets are 45 NIS, or 25 NIS for students. Who's coming?

update: We're going Tuesday. 20:30 at TAU. Sign up here or by calling me.

1 <ObHebrewSupremacyRemark>Ye Non-Hebrew speakers: Hebrew has an elegant word for the-day-after-tomorrow, in the lovely dual number. It also has a word for the-day-before-yesterday. So there.</ObHebrewSupremacyRemark>
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