February 17th, 2004

assorted non-entries

No time for proper entries. Here are things in memoriam of a few random entries that would never be written:
  • Boss comments about my lost weight, suggesting that I get myself a new, more suitable wardrobe. First comment ever about my dress. Much embarrassment and surprise.
  • Icky assignment at work. All-time coffee intake records broken. Ends Wednesday.
  • BY progress: An academic establishment is probably going to donate a server machine and bandwith to host BY. Huge step forward. More on this when the agreement's final.
  • Eggroll gig -- went to an Israeli prog-rock covers band, Eggroll by name, with arnulf, mux2000, assaf, antinous and even dragged reneighssance along, despite her looming exams. Had the time of my life; prog-rock is still my favorite non-classical musical genre. And there's nothing quite like live prog-rock.
  • Women of Trachis -- The TAU theater production was a disappointment, but nothing outrageous (so there, cmm! You don't get to read about my pulling out my hair... :p). That tragedy is difficult to stage to a modern audience, and the TAU group was simply not up to the task. I'd say their major fault is in choosing to tackle the play, not in anything specific they did. Oh, there's also the painful fact that the actors simply can't read metered lines. But this is supposed to be a non-entry, so enough about that.
  • I just learned that the army denied my request to postpone my reserve service (supposed to last 20(!) days, in March) to the summer. This means I'd miss three weeks of classes at the beginning of the semester, not to mention everything else. Major, major bummer. I can appeal, but I'm not sure what grounds I can bring that I haven't brought in my original request (i.e. academic grounds). Decided to deal with it tomorrow and repress for now.
  • arnulf and I are adopting a cat this Friday!
  • I think I'm coming down with something.
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