February 26th, 2004

Cat and Mouse

The cat is on my lap, in front of the laptop computer I'm typing this on. She has taken to following the mouse cursor intently. It is very amusing to use the mouse trackpoint as a control joystick for the cat's head. :)

I just hope she doesn't pounce on it at some po


sorry about the short notice

An Evening for Erofeev

Tonight, starting 20:00, we shall gather at The Flat, read some alcohol, and drink parts of the masterpiece Moscow-Petushky by Venedict Erofeev, or vice versa. Drinking is mandatory. Familiary with the text desired, but not necessary. If you'd like to come, please give me a call.

Accomodation for the night available for the first five takers.
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    Jethro Tull -- Cross-Eyed Mary

Exam Season Status

  1. Greek Language [Ms. Cohen]
  2. Greek History [Prof. Rubin]
  3. Latin Language [Dr. Hoffer]
  4. Theory of the Novel [Prof. Sternberg]
  5. Minoan Culture [Dr. Yasur-Landau]
  6. Dickens: Bleak House [Dr. Yacobi]
Four down, two to go.