March 10th, 2004

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Hi all, this is arnulf. I spoke to ijon a few minutes ago and although the situation is still far from being resolved I thought a short update is in order.

ijon's currently at an IDF base inside Israel, training with his unit in preparation for the guarding duty. He informed his local commanders of his refusal to serve in the OT and they took it under consideration and offered him to be posted at part of the area his unit will be deployed in, which is outside the OT. However, according to the 1949 ceasefire map (careful, large jpeg), that area is deep inside the OT as well, so the unit commander (which is quite sympathetic, according to ijon) won't be able to resolve the conflict that way.

The army stance in this matter is currently being deliberated by higher ranking officers, and their conclusion should be reached by this evening, since the regiment is to be deployed tomorrow morning.

I will update again as soon as I'll know more,