September 8th, 2004

Three Decisions Born Under Water

And sometimes, the fog lifts, the horizon clears, and decisions turn out to have become possible -- nay, obvious.

I had been unable to choose between my two majors (Classics vs. General Theory of Literature) until now, and consequently did not opt for the accelerated M.A. route that was offered me by the university. I also didn't know whether I want to remain in the groves of Academe or not.

Just now, in the shower, everything became clear. I choose Classics, and I choose to seek a path in academic life. Certainly, whatever I end up doing in Classics would be augmented by stuff I am learning in the GToL Dept., and literature will remain one of my main focuses, but it is now possible to assert that Classics are my true academic love.

Accordingly, in a few months I shall begin my Great Graduate Quest, sifting through prospectuses and brochures, perhaps even practicing my British accent... who knows?

As a bonus, during said shower, it also became vividly apparent that I do want to finally indulge my heretofore-vague yearning for theatrical work, and I am going to seek ways to become involved in theatrical art. This is yet another decision I have not had the resolve to make until now.

Here's to new beginnings!
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