November 3rd, 2004

Austen Defending the Novel

While reading Austen's Northanger Abbey, I was surprised to come upon a fiery defense of the novel, which Austen launches into literally mid-paragraph, as though quite spontaneously and heatedly.
The progress of the friendship between Catherine and Isabella was quick as its beginning had been warm, and they passed so rapidly through every gradation of increasing tenderness that there was shortly no fresh proof of it to be given to their friends or themselves. They called each other by their Christian name, were always arm in arm when they walked, pinned up each other's train for the dance, and were not to be divided in the set; and if a rainy morning deprived them of other enjoyments, they were still resolute in meeting in defiance of wet and dirt, and shut themselves up, to read novels together. Yes, novels; Collapse )
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Listening to Zucki

It's such a pleasure to listen to Prof. Moshe Zuckermann speak! He is immensely erudite, but, more importantly, his erudition spans many fields, seamlessly: philosophy, history of philosophy, art, art history, politics, cultural history, political history, theory of music, history of music, and more.

His explanations are clear, and he can summon his vast multi-disciplinary knowledge to offer fascinating examples and analogies. Truly, I have encountered very few speakers who are so at home in all aspects of European culture and so very intelligent. Bliss!

and his e-mail username is mzucki. Zucki!

update: It may be worthing noting, too, that he's a neo-Marxist.
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    Zucki speaking