November 17th, 2004

Genuine Time Crisis, Phase Two: The Plan

  • fixed weekly study session for colloquium with T. the Imp.
  • daily colloquium study, including 10-30 new lines and review of 40-100 previous lines.
  • fixed weekly three hours for catching up on the three papers I haven't written for last year's courses.
  • indulging my LJ habit until satiated.
  • keeping up with daily news
No change:
  • Project Ben-Yehuda maintenance
  • Homer 2004 reading group
  • Plutarch reading group [if it still exists; ygurvitz?]
  • seeing friends very seldom
  • attending all classes at TAU; handing in all assignments on time.
  • existing TAU schedule, including courses I audit.
Q: Will it work? A: It will take a miracle.
  • Current Music
    Brahms -- Ein Deutsches Requiem