December 29th, 2004

Academic Fatigue

Once again, I'm feeling Academic Fatigue. I find it hard to apply myself to my study materials. They have not stopped interesting me -- far from it -- but I am fatigued. I need a break. It's unpleasant, and I am forced to devise all kinds of reward-programs for myself to get me to study properly (e.g. "finish this article and take a nap", "translate two more paragraphs and write an entry in the Hebrew Wikipedia [recreational, really!], or even -- heavens! -- play a computer game for half an hour).

I am glad at least that I made it without fatigue this far, with all that pressure, as the semester is coming to its end quite soon. Not that the semester "break" is a break -- furious exam studying and paper-writing steal your soul during that "break" -- but it is a change, at least.

It also helps to remind myself that I always have a choice. Nothing forces me to continue to toil under this much stress. I have chosen this load, and I am choosing it still, every day I stay in Academe. And that's fine by me.
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