February 1st, 2005

Media updates, part one

velfadar justly pointed out that I have not yet reported anything about the Bialik Now event. I will, soon.

In a few minutes, I am to be interviewed and filmed for an article on the Israeli Channel One TV station. I hate TV. I'm only doing this to get the BY project more public attention. I understand it will be shown in Friday evening's Yoman program.
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The TV people just left. The cats are slowly emerging from their hiding spots, to which they fled in terror surpassed only by my own at the arrival of the filming crew (but as I'm too big to hide as effectively as the cats, the experienced reporter spotted me at once).

I submitted to all their demands, forbidding only direct filming of the kitchen (recently declared a disaster area, as the maid called in sick yetsterday), fearing mom's horrified response to a Friday-night prime time showing of kitchen footage. I was filmed typing away at my keyboard, and since they didn't care too much what I was typing, I actually got away with some real work, namely the February BY update, to be uploaded in a couple of hours (featuring many goodies! Drop by).

Personally, they were quite pleasant and very polite, I'll give them that. We'll see how badly they mangle my answers in the final item, after the ruthless editing that it must certainly go through.

I think some moose footage was created, too. I hope it makes it to the edited piece.

Oh, and this Schubert piece will perhaps be heard in the background of the piece on Friday. Funny.
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