February 27th, 2005

Learn Latin!

I need to improve my Latin. One of the best and most motivating ways I know of improving command of a subject is to teach it to others. It follows that I should teach Latin. Accordingly:

I propose to lead a study group of classical Latin (as written in Rome ca. 1st century BC and AD), free of charge and open for all (group size would be determined by the amount of space we find in our meeting place). Details:

What: study Latin
Where: place to be announced; default: my flat, at Bavli, Tel-Aviv.
When: once every two weeks, evening, day to be set by group.
  • we shall use the book Wheelock's Latin Grammar, 6th edition (other editions also okay, this one is preferred), and follow Wheelock's lesson plan.
  • I will be supplementing Wheelock's material with additional explanations and exercises, as well as historical, social, or literary context where appropriate.
  • each student must prepare exercises between meetings (Latin cannot be learned without individual exercise). At the meeting, we shall learn new material and compare and discuss the exercises from the previous time. We shall set the pace according to the group's preference.
  • In addition to synthetic (made up) sentences, each lesson, starting from the very first one, will feature actual, authentic Latin sentences or passages, drawn from Roman sources.

  • Latin is a lovely language.
  • Latin is very useful for a profound understanding of all Romance languages (Italian, Spanish, Rumanian, French, Portuguese) as well as English.
  • Knowing Latin greatly helps to widen your vocabulary in these languages, and is likely to improve your results in exams such as the SAT and GRE.
  • There is some lovely poetry in Latin that you'd be able to savor in the original (we'll be reading some during the course).
  • see first sentence in this post.

Sign up here, or via e-mail. I'd like to begin ASAP, say in two weeks.

P.S. If enough people are interested, I can inquire about a volume discount at TAU's bookstore to get copies of Wheelock for all of you. If you'd like to try before you buy, let me know, and I'll prepare photocopies of the first couple of chapters, for you to work with, until you decide you're serious.
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