March 19th, 2005

Latin Course -- First Meeting

Attention, Latin Study Group members:

  1. Our first meeting is to take place this coming Thursday, March 24th, at 19:00, at Ayelet's place in Tel-Aviv (not in Bavli). Those of you who don't know where that is, please call me (052-3593996) for directions. Those interested in rides from the Bavli or Ramat-Aviv area, please contact me ASAP too.

  2. I've created a LiveJournal community called il_latin to group us and serve as a venue for discussion (and cheating on your homework ;)), as well as to move the posts about the Latin group away from my personal journal. Please join that group.

    Those of you who don't have LJ accounts (Vardit, dorable's friend [hey, what's your name?], Tomaso, and dad) -- it would be great if you got yourselves LJ accounts (for free). You don't have to start your own journals, but it would just give you a username of your own and save you the trouble of having to remember to leave your name on every otherwise-anonymous comment. The procedure is simple, and you can leave out any field you don't want to fill or don't understand. Create an account here.

  3. If you already have your own copy of Wheelock's Latin, please bring it to the meeting. If you're part of the group purchase -- I hope the books make it on time, in which case I'll be bringing your copies; if they don't, I'll furnish you with photocopies of the first chapter so you can begin working. If you don't have a copy and are not part of the group purchase, please buy your own copy (available at Dyonon, Academon, and other academic bookstores) and bring it to the meeting.

  4. Also bring: a notebook or some paper and a writing instrument. Feel free to bring some light refreshment with you as well.

  5. Remember, I'll be posting subsequent messages about the Latin group to il_latin. Join now!
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