April 7th, 2005

KinnerNet: The Sharing Problem

I'm spending the weekend at Yossi Vardi's KinnerNet 2005. It's a lovely idea, and the people are interesting. Several of them are old friends and acquaintances. Several of them I know only electronically.

But there's over a hundred of us Internet geeks cooped up here, sharing a single ADSL connection. That's 96k uplink, less than 1k per person. Bah.

(But the place is full of crazy hacks and gadgets, including friendly robots, dual-unconnected-engine motorbikes, and a five-person tricycle. Whee!

I vowed to write code this weekend, so I'm writing the beginning of BYBE1's task system.

1 Ben-Yehuda Back End system.
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