August 3rd, 2005

Moving... Moving... Moved!

In other news, I've moved out of the Flat. Most of my library is in cardboard limbo. Here's a free tip for the future: whatever you do, don't change living accomodations between May and October in Israel. Especially not when the darn air-conditioner is on the blink.

morin: Your Agnon books are with me, ready for delivery. Call me to coordinate.
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Last B.A. Exam?

This morning, I may have completed my last written exam for my Bachelor degree (in Classics and General Theory of Literature). The exam was on Chaucer and his Contemporaries, a course I snuck into at the English Dept., and managed to get credit for, seeing as it's literature an' all. I wrote an extemporaneous paper on characters facing the consequences of their actions in the Wife of Bath's Tale vs. The Summoning of Everyman. I hope it went well.

With any luck, I shan't have to take any more exams for this degree. Now all twhat's left is to write two seminars in the theory of literature (not the hip "theory" of Academe), and some five papers. Oy.
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