April 10th, 2006

Looting Halper's: A Confession

Back in January, it was time for my triennial raid on Halper's Books, in Tel-Aviv's Allenby St., and it was as delightful as ever. The place even expanded a bit since my previous visit. Also, by a freakish coincidence (triennial, yes?), we met dorable there, and she was actually visiting Halper's for the first time ever! How neat is that?

Anyway, Halper's is a veritable treasury of used books, in Hebrew and English, on almost every field, and with very reasonable prices, from as low as 5 NIS (~$1) to ~300 NIS for really rare items, with most books in the comfortable 20 to 50 NIS range. New paperback books in Israel cost between 65 and 100 NIS.

Their selection is huge (over 50,000 books), and time (not to mention money) is short, so I focused on two main sections: Hebrew literature and criticism (because it's particularly hard to find some of the classics – practically everything's long out of print, and isn't going to be reprinted any time soon), and Classics. Naturally, some books from other sections cleverly caught my attention (or my antlers! The shelves are pretty close, the passages narrow) anyway...

Here's a list of the loot, without further ado. Comments welcome. Many titles are in Hebrew, but not all of them. Collapse )
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